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What Is Facebook?

Facebook is a social media network where users may create their profiles for free and connect with their friends and family. Facebook users may express their ideas and thoughts on any topic, share videos, photos of themselves, memes and much more with as many people as they like.

Facebook was firstly introduced in 2004, it was founded by Mark Zucker Berg and his fellows in Harvard College. Facebook is known as the world's biggest social media platform with over 3 billion active users monthly.

Users may or may not know the individuals they send "friend requests" on Facebook. Upon acceptance, both users' accounts are linked and they may view anything the other shared on his/her timeline.

Facebook users have the ability to share nearly anything on their "timeline," which serves as a picture of their social circle at any given moment. They may also initiate private conversations with other friends who are online.


How to login to your Facebook account?

In order to access your Facebook account, your email address and password are usually sufficient. This article explains how to access Facebook on different devices.

Facebook Login from a Computer:

Facebook login from a computer is quite simple because it keeps you signed in to the app and allows you to access your Facebook feed anytime you want. However, some individuals prefer to use it via browser. Not to fear, we've got you covered! You may also use your preferred browser to log in to Facebook by following these instructions.

  • Launch your preferred browser on your desktop PC.

  • Enter “www.facebook.com” into the URL tab and press Enter.

  • Enter your account details i.e. your Username/Email address/Phone number and Password in the required field.

  • Click the "Log-in” button.

Facebook Login from Mobile Devices:

Facebook apps for both Android and iPhone were introduced in July 2008. Therefore, it marked a significant step in Facebook’s expansion. Allowing users to interact with each other through a mobile device. Following are the steps to log into your Facebook account from mobile devices:

  • First of all, open the Play Store (Google Play Store for Android users & Apple App Store for iPhone users) and search for “Facebook” app.

  • Install the app and tap on the Facebook’s icon to open it.

  • Enter your account details in the relevant text fields such as your Username/Email/Number and Password .

  • Tap on the “Log-in” button.

Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite is an official Facebook app that is a lighter version of the official Facebook app, it usually runs on slower devices with less resources (such as Android phones with lower hardware specifications) and with weak internet connections (mostly in rural areas).

Facebook Lite was firstly introduced in 2015 for Android devices. Facebook lite consumes less data then other Facebook apps and it also uses less storage space. It offers core facebook features such as news feeds, messaging, notifications and much more with a more simple interface and lower graphics.

How can I login to Facebook Lite?

To access Facebook Lite, take the following actions:

  • Search "Facebook lite" on the Google Play Store.

  • Install it, tap on the Facebook Lite’s app to open it.

  • Enter your email address and password, then tap on the “Log-in” button.

Different between Facebook and Facebook Lite:

The main difference between Facebook and Facebook Lite are as follows:

  • The main area of difference between Facebook and Facebook Lite is its app size. Facebook Lite file size is less than 10MB. On a smartphone, it merely takes up 2.19MB of space. In comparison, 167MB of space is needed for a typical Facebook profile.

  • Moreover, Facebook Lite doesn't preload photographs as Facebook does. This means that when you browse through your newsfeed, it will load a little more slowly but uses less bandwidth.

  • Additionally, you'll note that, in contrast to the regular app, videos on Facebook Lite only play automatically when you're connected to Wi-Fi.

  • You may conserve more data by navigating to the Media and Contacts page in your Facebook Lite settings and scrolling down. This is where you get to choose the photo quality that Facebook Lite displays. Selecting photos at a lower resolution can help you use less data. Although Facebook Lite saves nearly twice as much data as the regular Facebook app, it does have certain limits.

Security Features:

The following actions will help to ensure the security of your account.

Create Strong Password:

  • Passwords should be simple for you to remember yet challenging for others to figure out.

  • You should use a different password for Facebook than you do for other accounts.

  • Stronger passwords tend to be longer.

  • Your phone number, email address, or birthdate shouldn't be used as your password.

  • Make use of a password organizer. Numerous programs are available to safely save your passwords.

  • Never expose your credentials to anyone, via the internet or in person. If so, make the necessary changes right away.

Two Factor Authentication:

  • Navigate to your Login and Security Settings.

  • Click Edit when you reach the "Use two-factor authentication" section.

  • Following the on-screen directions, select the security mechanism you wish to add.

  • You will be prompted to select one of three security techniques when you set up two-factor authentication on Facebook:

  • Using the security key on a device that is suitable.

  • Codes for login obtained from an external authentication app.

  • SMS codes that you may send from your phone.

  • You can get ten recovery login codes once you've enabled two-factor authentication, which you can use if you can't use your phone.

Facebook Features:

Understanding commonly used terms on Facebook is essential to fully understanding the network and how it works. Some common Facebook terms are defined here.

Facebook Page:

Your personal information will be stored on your Facebook page. Your name, photo, job location, hometown, educational background, and more may all be added to your profile. You may choose how public or private your profile is by turning off information you don't want to be made public.


This is where all of your friends' postings will appear. You will also get updates from pages /groups that you have liked or joined. Your posts will also appear in the news feeds of your friends.

Status/Post :

Facebook refers to whatever you place on the newsfeed as a "post," even though the terms are occasionally used interchangeably. You can share text, photos, videos, and location posts with your friends on the newsfeed.


Like Instagram stories, Facebook stories provide a further venue for private individuals and business pages to communicate with their friends and followers. Stories are short bits of material that are only made available for a certain day. After a full day, the stories disappear from the newsfeed.

Facebook Messenger:

Facebook Messenger is a stand-alone application that operates outside of the main Facebook app and lets users chat privately or in groups with one other. When visiting Facebook.com on a desktop computer, users may access the messenger through Facebook's native website.

Facebook Live:

To do a live broadcast on Facebook, follow these three simple steps. ➔From the What's on your mind? box, select Live Video.

  • After selecting Live Video, you may add a poll, participate in a live event, donate to a nonprofit, explain your broadcast, add an emotion or activity, and tag others in it.

  • You may also tag a game or give your broadcast a title if you're live streaming someone else or yourself playing a video game.

  • Click Go Live once you've finished describing your live broadcast.

  • You may click the Messages button in the upper right corner of any Facebook page, or you can click it on the left sidebar of the home page.

  • After that, choose New Message and type in the friend's or brand's name that you want to connect with. You may initiate group chats in Facebook Messenger by choosing New Group. Giving your organization a name and sending out invitations to your desired pals are the only things left to accomplish.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers (FAQS):

How to sign-in to Facebook?

  • Go to the Facebook website "facebook.com" using your web browser.

  • First, enter the phone number or email address connected with your Facebook account, followed by the password.

  • Click "Log In."

How to sign-In to Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is an app feature that may be used; it is linked to the main Facebook app if accessed through an application.

  • visit “www.messenger.com” or download the messenger’s mobile app.

  • Log in to Messenger with your Facebook user and password.

How to delete a Facebook account?

To permanently remove your account using the Accounts Centre:

  • Click on Facebook's upper right corner of your main profile.

  • After swiping down, select "Settings & Privacy".

  • In the Accounts Center, tap See more.

  • Select Personal information.

  • Select Account control and ownership.

  • Click Delete or deactivate.

How to deactivate a Facebook account?

  • On Facebook, tap on the upper right corner.

  • After swiping down, select "Settings & Privacy" and then Settings.

  • Click Personal to view your account details.

  • Select Account control and ownership.

  • Select "Deactivate and Delete."

  • After selecting Deactivate Account, select Proceed with account deactivation and adhere to the guidelines for verification.

How to block someone on Facebook?

  • Select the profile you wish to use.

  • Click your profile image in the upper right corner.

  • After choosing "Settings & Privacy", click Settings.

  • In the right-hand column, select the Privacy option.

  • Look for the Blocking setting.

  • Enter the name of the profile you wish to block in the Block users area, then click Block.

  • Choose the profile you wish to block from the list that displays and click Block, then Block [profile name].

If this approach doesn't work to locate a profile, try clicking Block from the more option located in the lower right corner of the cover photo after finding the profile you want to block.

How to unblock someone on Facebook?

  • In Facebook, click your profile image in the upper right corner.

  • After choosing “Settings & Privacy”, click Settings.

  • In the right-hand column, select the Privacy option.

  • Click on Blocking.

  • In the Block Users section, choose Edit.

  • Click. View the list of people you have blocked.

  • Next to the profile you wish to unblock, click Unblock.

  • To complete unblocking the profile, click Confirm.

How to change your name on Facebook?

  • Click on the profile photo in the right-hand corner of Facebook.

  • After choosing “Settings & Privacy”, click Settings.

  • Select Name.

  • After putting in your name, choose Review change.

  • After entering your password, select "Save changes."

Why is Facebook not working?

If anything isn't functioning properly on Facebook, such as content not displaying or a selection not loading, try these troubleshooting steps:

On Computer:

  • Go to your browser's settings to clear your cache.

  • Make sure you have an active Internet connection.

  • Restart your Internet router.

  • Try using a different browser.

  • Restart the computer.

On Mobile Devices:

  • Facebook or Facebook Lite should be updated. If it isn't downloading, make sure your internet connection is working properly.

  • Verify that you are linked to a stable Wi-Fi or data network.

  • Restart the app after closing it.

  • Restart your mobile device.


To conclude, Facebook remains a founding force in the territory of social media. It offered their users a diversified platform to contact, share, and engage with others worldwide. It was introduced in 2004 and since then Facebook has evolved from a college-centric network to a global one.

Facebook can connect billions of individuals across different backgrounds and interests. It can be accessed via desktop or mobile devices, and the login process is intuitive with a surplus of features and functionalities. In addition, the introduction of Facebook Lite offers their users basic functionality on smart devices even in slower internet connections.Facebook can connect billions of individuals across different backgrounds and interests. It can be accessed via desktop or mobile devices, and the login process is intuitive with a surplus of features and functionalities. In addition, the introduction of Facebook Lite offers their users basic functionality on smart devices even in slower internet connections.

Facebook provides paramount security, easy account maintenance, user friendly configuration and guidelines for the safety of personal information. With continuous innovations and introducing meta platforms, Facebook is adapting to change of user requirements and preference specifically in the digital hub for social engineering, collaboration, and community meetup.

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