Paper of the Year

In regard to the novelty and excellence of the manuscript MedCrave Group (MCG) encourages the researchers by awarding their manuscript as the Best Paper of the Year. In order to be eligible for the Paper of the Year Award, The paper should be of the highest quality. It should not only have proper references, creative thoughts and ideas, but also will contribute to decision making.

Criteria for Judgment

The paper will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. Contribution of the paper towards excellence, best practices in research. The content should not only be innovative, but also delve to the core of the matter. It should show that the Author has a creative mind and has real knowledge of the subject matter.
  2. It explains the situation under which the theory can be applied. The best case scenario and the worst case scenario (if applicable) should be properly explained with example. It should focus on application and scientific, analytical and statistical data to infer on a certain matter.

The Jury may, if they think so, consider the usefulness of the paper in not only the society, but also its impact on the Author’s career and profession.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Paper of the Year Award, they should be

  • Published in MedCrave Open Access Journals.
  • Unique in nature and not have been published anywhere in any form.
  • Supported by relevant and full bibliography, along with proper citations.


When a Paper is being nominated for Paper of the Year Award, the rights will be transferred to MedCrave group who will see to the popularization of the paper and the Authors as well. In case of re – publication, the authors will be given full credit.

Procedure of Selection

The Committee for the event will nominate 2 of the best papers from each category which will be judged by an international jury appointed by MedCrave Group. The jury will consist of independent panel of industry and marketing expert. Each jury member will vote and provide his/her opinion for choosing the paper. If for any reason, there is no unanimous result, the chairman will cast a deciding vote. If, after casting of the deciding vote, still the result is not obtained, then the Paper will be chosen by majority votes. If no papers match the criteria, then the jury has the right to not declare any award.

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