An unexpected, revolutionary property of Artemisia infusions: immunoglobulins in the skin lead to a longlasting prophylaxis

Jerome Munyangi, Pascal Gisenya, Patrick Ogwang, Pierre Lutgen


Naturally acquired immunity to malaria is a known phenomenon But little is known about the underlying mechanisms The majority of adults in sub Saharan Africa rarely experience overt disease despite they have a population of parasites in their blood that could prove lethal to a malaria na iuml ve visitor The use of Artemisia herbal medicine is spreading in many African countries in schools health centers It was shown years ago in Uganda that regular drinking of infusions from Artemisia plants had a strong prophylactic effect We were of the belief that this prophylaxis was going to last for a few days maybe a few weeks Over the last months we received several surprising inputs indicating that this prophylaxis was lasting for months even years But more recently several partners also report that when Artemisia infusions or capsules have been used during days to cure a malaria infection the people having used this short term treatment also experience a long lasting prophylaxis The most interesting research lead is that specific IgEs induced by Artemisia consumption remain for months in the skin In this review paper we present several hypotheses to explain this revolutionary property of Artemisia plants and more particularly Artemisia afra used since generations in many African countries against tropical diseases

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