Emotional Arousal The Driving Force of Life

Mukundan CR, Kacker P


Emotional arousal is considered here as positive or negative experiences and expressions based on the cognitive molding effects of the sensory ndash motor input and output contacts with the world Presence of emotional arousal is a necessity as a drive for the system to initiate and execute all performances in the domains of responses and actions It has been already proposed that an action is automatically initiated when the emotional arousal reaches a Critical Level of Potentiating CLP Each person learns to control own emotional arousal through social conditioning and learns to control the occurrences of all responses and actions through control of emotional arousal Cognitive molding of emotional arousal is the process of identifying an emotional experience and expression with a semantic expression indicating the experiential and expressive attributes in a positive to negative range Cognitive capabilities allow us to create new concepts and relationships first virtually and then create new realities Emotional arousal and cognitive capabilities of the brain are the two functions of the brain that work together as the brain mind Emotional arousal provides the driving capability to the system while cognitive capabilities help choose and channelize the responses and actions Cognitive molding of emotional arousal is a core capability developed within the human system which identifies the presence absence of internal satisfactions happiness or the opposite The positive and negative effects of emotional arousal produced by cognitive judgments and reinforced by behavioral effects contribute to the personal experiences and expressions in each person The article deals mainly with the relevance of emotional arousal as a basic driving force and considers the beneficial effects of learning to maintenan emotional arousal in a cognitively unmolded manner so that the cognitive molding would not automatically occur and shape one rsquo s life influencing behavioural manifestations as well as personal experiences These may become negative and disastrous or positive and rewarding to the individual Focus of interest here is on the presence and utilization of emotional arousal instead of the art of developing positive thinking for molding the emotional arousal in a positive manner in life Each individual needs to develop emotional arousal along with positive thinking which would mold the emotional arousal positively and bring in happiness to life Cognitively unmolded emotional arousal has been labelled lsquo nascent emotional arousal rsquo which is of a unique emotion state as it allows objective view of the sensory motor contacts made by a system allowing impartial decisions Those who have entered and staying in that state experience immense happiness which they may also consider as blissful loaded with love without any specific personal gain from it

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