The Concept of Authoritative Parenting and It rsquo s Effects on Academic Achievement

Triana Rego


It has been recommended that parenting styles play a meaningful part in the growth of children and their perspectives Authoritative parents may be considered the most attractive of the sorts due to their distinguished symmetry between structure and affection Child development professionals generally categorize the authoritative parenting style as the greatest methodology to parenting This research study entails a total of participants in survey conducted regarding parenting and academic achievement It was hypothesized that students with high authoritative parents would have higher learning focused goals and earns a higher college GPA than students with low authoritative parents It was also theorized that students with high authoritative parents would place a greater amount of blame of academic failures on lack of effort than those with low authoritative parents Following the completion of this survey and widespread analysis there has been an indication that authoritative parenting is reasonably related to the manner in which a student contemplates and performs in his or her studies

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