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  • June 25, 2022

Fertilizer potential of slurry from intensive dairy cattle farms in Intensive production forestry systems

Intensive dairy cattle breeding has a relevant social and economic impact in Portugal,particularly in the northern region. This activity generates a high flow of livestock effluents(slurry), rich in important nutrients for plant growth, which can be introduced into intensiveproduction forestry systems. These effluents can provide …..

The decision-making process towards implementing energy efficiency in a university-built park in southern Brazil

November 26, 2021 Physics & Electrical Engineering No Comments

Sustainability has been increasingly incorporated as an essential life perspective into educational institutions as well as local communities. Universities play an important role into the society by debating theoretical contributions and implementing concrete actions. The present research was developed to evaluate a university’s energy efficiency …..

Application of measurement methods for solid discharge in the Ribeirão Jordão stream and tributaries in UPGRH PN-1

July 27, 2021 Physics & Electrical Engineering No Comments

The Brazilian fluviometric potential guarantees the presence of hydroelectric plants in several locations. The dam construction generates changes in the transportation and sediment deposition processes, which can lead to different types of operational along with environmental impacts. The present study aims at measuring the liquid …..