Yoga meditation: an antihypertension agent

June 29, 2022 Ayurvedic & Alternative Medicine No Comments

The word “meditation” is derived from the Latin word “madri” which means “to heal”.
Meditation can certainly be considered as a healing process – spiritual, mental, and
emotional with proven benefits to physical well-being.1
Meditation may be used to reduce
stress, anxiety, depression, and pain.2 It improves heart health, boosts mood and immunity
and resolves pregnancy problems.3
Meditation is a wide term and can not be defined by one
single, precise definition. Hence its dictionary meaning, religions and spiritual concept and
opinions of various yoga experts about it is given. There are certain elements of meditation
which should be achieved before sitting for meditation and are described. Transcendental
meditation, TM is the meditation done with mental repetitions of mantras and is very
effective and powerful. A mantra is a sacred word or phrase which is repeated over and over
again to produce a change in the mental state of a person and have magical religious and
spiritual impacts on the mind. Mantras when repeated in meditation take individuals to a
higher state of consciousness. It is said that the utterance of mantras unlocks the doors to the
absolute. After the sound of mantras get associated with a state of tranquil meditation which
generates calmness, quietness, and peace in the mind and relaxes the muscles and tones the
nervous system and becomes the cause for lowering blood pressure, heart rate, and rate of
breath. This creates brainwaves which deal with stress and its consequences. Mantras are
normally given by a guru (spiritual teacher) who invest them with their own pranic energy
or they are chosen by individuals as according to their requirement and needs. The opinion
of several yoga masters and distinguished medical experts who worked on meditation for
decades is expressed.

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