Cosmic motivational psychology_gunas affect cognition

June 27, 2022 Psychology & Social Science No Comments

Considerable attention by scholars and scientists has been given to the differences between
science and spirituality. Yet could there be a cause or a substratum between these two subjects
that is shared? Little attention has been directed to the possibility of cosmic energetics
being responsible for the creation of the universe. This includes our world of time, space,
forms, creatures, processes, cycles, science, humankind, ideas, and thought processes. This
paper aims to delve behind the created universe, to a cosmological dimension that existed
prior. During the earliest period of creation, there may have been cosmic forces responsible
for first micro-organisms, processes, stages, elements, and all creation. Some peoples
claim that creation was performed by a divine being or God; others claim that creation of
the universe was a natural process of cosmic intelligence. Either due to a divine cosmic
being orchestrating a substratum of cosmic forces, or due to a phenomenon of cosmic
intelligence, the entire creation occurred. Science, philosophy, spirituality, and psychology
all have interest in what exists beyond materiality. Perhaps the concept of consciousness
used by scientists, the concept of transcendence used by religions, and transformation used
by psychology have a common denominator for transpersonal change.

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