Fetus diagnosed with cervical teratoma delivered by exit procedure (Extra uterine intrapartum treatment)

November 30, 2021 Gynecology & Neonatology No Comments

Congenital cervical teratomas are rare tumours of germ cells that should be diagnosed antenatally by ultrasound during anomaly scan or even earlier. The incidence of teratomas of the head and neck is 3-5%. We are presenting a case of rare cervical teratoma.1 Congenital cervical tumours are often clinically dramatic, though basically benign. Prognosis is favourable only if the airway is quickly stabilized and necessarily surgical procedure is planned and executed effectively.2 Case presentation: A 34-year-old female presented at 32 weeks of gestation, at Al Amal National Hospital where an ultrasound examination revealed a single viable cephalic fetus with a huge irregular heterogeneous anterior neck mass suspected as congenital cervical neck teratoma. The delivery was planned at 37 weeks gestation. The team was assembled for EXIT procedure which includes the obstetricians, neonatologist, anthologist, ENT surgeons. At 37 weeks of gestation, the child was maintained on maternal circulation after caesarean section until successfully intubated (Extra Uterine Intrapartum Treatment (EXIT) was performed at Al Amal National Hospital after liaison with the anesthetist, neonatologist and the pediatric surgeon. A female fetus weighing 3.8 kg was delivered and intubated immediately. Unfortunately, the newborn died at 48hours of age. Conclusion: Prenatally diagnosed head and neck teratomas can result in early neonatal death if the delivery was not planned correctly with right multidisciplinary team. In this case EXIT is the procedure of choice.

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