Identification of a gene that makes a protein by using a cell free protein synthesis system

September 16, 2021 Biotechnology No Comments

A living cell could be genetically modified to perform a function such as the production of a protein. However, these genetic modifications often conflict with normal cellular function and result in a mutation. Defects can be overcome through removing the bacterial membrane which leaves the lysate that is performing both transcription and translation. The cell free-protein synthesis is also known as in vitro protein synthesis and is the production of a protein without using a living cell. The gene is acting as instructions to make the protein. If we can isolate a gene and then apply a cell free protein synthesis system after synthesis the protein and run on gel-electrophoresis we can identify a gene on the basis of the protein. Gel electrophoresis is a laboratory technique used to ______ contrasting proteins according to molecular size and charge.

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