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  • July 3, 2022

Application of measurement methods for solid discharge in the Ribeirão Jordão stream and tributaries in UPGRH PN-1

July 27, 2021 Physics & Electrical Engineering No Comments

The Brazilian fluviometric potential guarantees the presence of hydroelectric plants in several locations. The dam construction generates changes in the transportation and sediment deposition processes, which can lead to different types of operational along with environmental impacts. The present study aims at measuring the liquid …..

Surgical management of rare benign tumors of the sternum

July 6, 2021 Medicine No Comments

Primary benign tumors of the sternum are an exceedingly rare entity. Surgical techniques regarding intervention for these lesions are not clearly defined in the literature given their scarcity. Operative techniques include en-bloc resection of the tumor, and this has proven to be successful in preventing …..