Can traditional Chinese medicine formulas treat BMI-associated hypertension effectively?

The tradition of Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been in use and development for thousands of years, where it has been applied in some form for the treatment of nearly every common illness. TCM is currently undergoing a resurgence in interest and in providing an adjunct to allopathic medical care virtually worldwide. TCM therapeutics may be administered in many forms from capsules, to powders, homogenates, tinctures and decoctions. Si Wu Tang, a derivative of the traditional Chinese including Formulas, is a combination of substances that may function in a synergistic manner to promote a calming effect and an amelioration of symptoms of hypertension. Such formulas are often used in TCM to treat or alleviate a wide range of the common illness and disorders of both Eastern and Western society. Reported beneficial effects include improvements in circulatory, cardiovascular, mood, endocrine metabolic and reproductive disorders. One such TCM formula commonly recommended is the Wu Cao Si Wu Tang [SWT]formula, used to treat the hypertension of obesity and a variety of other disorders. Hypertension is a key risk factor for cardiovascular morbidity and mortality and is a leading cause of end-stage renal disease; over 7 million US deaths per year may be directly attributed to pathophysiologic complications resulting from poor control of blood pressure. While numerous advances in the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension have had a major impact on decreasing the overall risks and an improved management of this chronic disease, a definitive cure for all causes of hypertension has remained elusive to date. To determine the comparative effectiveness of conventional Western treatment vs. drug free Traditional Oriental Therapy for hypertension, we reviewed the data from independent studies. Wu Cao Si Wu Tang was found to be as effective as allopathic medications in controlling blood pressure in a group of moderately hypertensive patients.

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