Marine fungi from different habitats recorded from 2001 to date in México

March 24, 2021 Medicine No Comments

Marine fungi are essential as recyclers of organic matter in the ocean, as well their secondary metabolites are now studied as potential drugs for different diseases. Despite Mexico having an extensive coastline, few resources have been allocated to the research of this group. Through a thorough review of scientific literature between 2001 and February 2021, a systematic listing of marine fungi on Mexico’s marine waters was constructed. In this work, two orders, forty-nine genera, and thirteen species are recorded, of which 50 are new records. The most frequent phylum was Ascomycota (92%; 50 genera), followed Chytridiomycota (4%; 2 genera) and Basidiomycota (4%; 2 genera). Most of them have been reported in the Gulf of Mexico, followed by the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of California and, the Caribbean. A new halophile species isolated from deep sediment in the Gulf of California (Aspergillus loretoensis) is also reported.

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