Bullying in pediatric cancer patients in a third level hospital in Mexico city

February 16, 2021 Nephrology & Neurology | Uncategorized No Comments

Aim: Determine if childhood cancer patients suffer bullying and identify its causes Compare what patients say about bullying, when they are alone versus presence of their parents. Method: We studied 47 childhood cancer patients ages varied between 5 and 17 years old. With previous parental authorization we applied a questionnaire called “That´s how we hang out at school” in two moments, first one in presence of their parents, and the second one without them. Results: Scholar childhood cancer survivors suffer bullying in 89.4%, in contrast with 25.8% of children without cancer suffered bullying according to literature. Secquelae and alopecia were the main causes for bullying, also teacher´s and Student´s lack of knowledge thinking that cancer is contagious. We also observed that children accepted being bullied in presence of the doctor, but not in front of their parents. Conclusion: Childhood cancer patients are more harassed than children without cancer due to secqueale, atipya or consumption that they present, also, fear of contagion enhances harassment and lack of teacher´s intervention. Children deny being bullied in front of their parents, but accept it without them.

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