Macrovascular complication in diabetes and evidence for the treatment & CVD risk reduction

March 19, 2020 Medicine No Comments

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a metabolic disease presents with elevated blood glucose levels and by microvascular & macrovascular manifestations and results in a significant increase in the morbidity and mortality Morris et al. Type II DM Manifest by relative insulin lack and/or insulin resistance major Type of Diabetes in Population, usually middle age but now manifest in youths also. The cause for this is attributed, to an age of the population and the increasing prevalence of metabolic syndrome overweight, obesity and sedentary lifestyles. Type I DM is insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus is Manifest by a mostly by exogenous insulin for life long, and type I DM patients are prone to microvascular complications, including nephropathy, retinopathy & neuropathy and to macrovascular disease CAD and peripheral vascular disease PVD, Mortality in type I DM has increased 4-7 folds compared to matched nondiabetic population, and CAD and nephropathy are the main causes of death.

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