Use of electroplating industry sludge as a construction material

February 11, 2020 Engineering No Comments

There are a large number of electroplating industries. The effluent treatment plant of these electroplating industries produces a huge quantity of sludge, which basically comprises of metal precipitates. Since these metals being hazardous in nature, their disposal is the big problem. Technologies being widely used to solve the problem of disposal of hazardous wastes are stabilization and solidification. In stabilization some supporting media, binder or other modifier are added to the waste, so that the contaminated particles are fully or partially replaced with each other. The physical nature (engineering properties) of waste is altered by employing additives. The objective of the present study is to study stabilization and solidification of electroplating industry sludge and then to study the engineering behavior of this stabilized and solidified sludge. Finally the possibility of using this stabilized and solidified sludge as a construction material is being explored.

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