Development of SAQ-K2

The Safety Attitudes Questionnaire (SAQ) has been one of the most popular instruments for gauging safety culture among healthcare workers (HCWs) in hospitals around the world.1 South Korea is one such country that has benefited from SAQ for years.2 However, despite its positive impact on improving safety, the SAQ Korean version (SAQ-K) has a couple of weaknesses. First, considering HCWs’ large workload, the SAQ-K included too many items, leading respondents to not care or even drop out in the middle of completing the questionnaire. In addition, several items contained unclear expressions due to the English-to-Korean translation. In this study, we tried to develop a newer version of the SAQ with a string tag of ‘-K2’ by completely resolving these problems with the previous instrument. SAQ-K2 is kinder to respondents by providing a smaller number of items in a more explicit and more natural translation.

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