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Nursing & Care Open Access Journal
Volume 2 Issue 2

2017: A year to authenticate the power of nursing
Daniela Priscila Oliveira do Vale Tafner
Department of Health and Nursing, Regional University of Blumenau, Brazil
Received: January 30, 2017 | Published: February 03, 2017

Correspondence: Daniela Priscila Oliveira do Vale Tafner, Department of Nursing Health, Regional University of Blumenau, Brazil, Email

Citation: Vale Tafner DPO. 2017: A year to authenticate the power of nursing. Nurse Care Open Acces J. 2017;2(2):48. DOI: 10.15406/ncoaj.2017.02.00032


New Year, new dreams, new promises, but the world wakes up just like it fell asleep in 2016. News and more news are being broadcast in different media to spread the ills that afflict our population. It does not give us, for a moment, the permanence of a wonderful world and in the style "happy forever”. Notifications of violation of rights, impunity, intolerance of differences, barbarism; so begins 2017. It is a "new old year" where reality stays ahead of us naked and raw, questioning us how to deal with such facts, how to act, what posture to take. We may even think that as nursing professionals do not fit us Reflect on such circumstances, and that we can do nothing, or that this reality is distant from us, is in another state, in another country. Our heart is deceitful! Misleading is our experience.

However, it is undoubtedly the moment to advance social, political and scientific debates in our profession; Nursing care, teaching and research in health care are influenced by the transformations of the political and social context in which we live and that permeate the health of the population and ours. We need to start the year by reminding and reaffirming that we are now more than 50% of the professionals working in the health area, who are present in all the municipalities of our country, strongly inserted in SUS and working in the public, private, philanthropic and teaching sectors And researches, that from this amount, daily, hundreds are in contact with human beings involved in different demands and ills, resulting from these transformations and that these subjects seek in our looks, in our practices and in our care reasons to continue fighting, believing.

It may seem like a cliché, a vignette of festive period, but "depends on us", it depends on each one of us to make a vigorous 2017, for the recognition of our profession, for the conquest of privileged spaces, for the reduction of damages to the population, To change paradigms. As Empowering us more and more of practices and knowledge, sharing experiences that we have experienced and that have allowed for systematic learning, strengthening our profession as science and always seeking new discoveries, in a world where relational complexity does not allow complication.

Knowledge provides us with answers to the population that seeks them, be it technical, practical, scientific, political and Nursing magazine is here to play this role, so that we can grow as professionals scientifically based on knowledge and spread to others our Realities and experiences. In its last issue, the journal presented an article that reinforces the idea that "professional training should be adapted to the evolution of knowledge and identification of new biological risks, including available data on potential health risks. "But will that change the news in the media? No, honestly. However, those affected by these "novelties" may have survival and/or hope and/or comfort, as a consequence of how the nursing prepares to care.



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