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Psychology & Clinical Psychiatry
Volume 5 Issue 3 - 2016
Preventing Society’s Destruction of Family and Children
Dr. Samuel A Nigro M.D*
Retired, Assistant Clinical Professor Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, USA
Received: October 15, 2015 | Published: January 27, 2016
*Corresponding author: Dr. Samuel A Nigro M.D, Retired, Assistant Clinical Professor Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, 2517 Guilford Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118, USA, Tel: 216 932-0575; Email:
Citation: Nigro SA (2016) Preventing Society’s Destruction of Family and Children. J Psychol Clin Psychiatry 5(3): 00269. DOI: 10.15406/jpcpy.2016.05.00269


Contemporary society is destructive of family life and childhood.  The causes of this will be briefly described and solutions proposed [1]. Be prepared to be uncomfortable but not as uncomfortable as sex promoters everywhere. 

The Cause:  Unnatural Sexuality

Humanae vitae was right: Artificial contraception is broadly destructive.  Fifty years later, contemporary life undeniably demonstrates its negative impact.  “Sex” is no longer “reproductive” as it is for the rest of the animal kingdom—and being out of synchrony with Nature as in all the polluting man does, it should not surprise that unnatural sex will have its polluting anti-common good effects too. 

Because of contraception, “sex” has become entertainment, advertising, and gamesmanship for all ages—Sex is trivialized to what it was in World War II Honolulu: “Three dollars; three minutes,” or the current high school friendship style: “We are just friends but with benefits,” meaning meaningless sexual “relief.”  Contemporary sex usually has nothing to do with its natural functions of reproduction and unition in marriage for humans, and that makes it “pollution”—which is destructive of social mores and traditions for the common good.  Overall, contemporary “sex” insults life, contradicts evolution, disproves natural selection, destroys relationships and promotes non-being (the latter a valid definition of “evil”).  It really should not even be called “sex” but more about that later. 

All the “liberal” supporters and promoters for artificial contraception can censor but not realistically deny the negative impact of the pill and all its sequellae.  The “pill” and its offshoots have removed humans from Nature on the planet.  In contrast, all sex for the animal kingdom (from which we can often learn what is normal for the planet and therefore for ourselves) is overwhelmingly pheromone determined in nature for reproduction, i.e., life-offering (isolated exceptions acknowledged for all animals because subhuman animals can have “mental/biochemical” disorders too with unnatural sex acts sporadically found [2]).   The destructive effects of “non-pheromone sex” due to contraception is almost imperceptible but pervasive.

Actually, the Church, more faithful to Nature than any other organization ever, has been the psychosocial “pheromone” for humanity until the pill et al.  As predicted by Humanae vitae,   the pill has turned sex into blatant pollution i.e., any deviance from planetary norms.  With the pill et al, any use of genitals is now claimed to be “normal”—from homosexuality to sex with children or even animals. The ejaculatory reflex has become a celebrated end in itself (“jaculasis”)[3] when it is a simple biological reflex not deserving the exciting craziness associated with its unnatural misuse.   In addition, by such jaculasis, human relationships become unsustainable; women are masculinized; men are feminized; children are adulterated; family life is ruined; marriage is irrelevant; the press and media lose standards and ethics; culture becomes pagan; and the people lose beliefs to become suggestible to the stimulations from the latest influencing so-called “leader” or celebrity as the case may be [4].  Nazi rulers recognized this and were vocal about getting rid of “God” by subliminally promoting unnatural sex because they found that “reasoned” argument rarely unconverted anyone from belief—but deviant sex would do so slowly and inexorably.  This is because unnatural “sex” promotions smother Truth, Oneness, Good and Beauty with loss of character, decay of faith, abandonment of hope, dissolution of principle, destruction of history, weakening of genuinely human bonds, and removal of independence, all replaced by barbarism, cowardice, dependency, slavery and paganism.  The sex spasm has replaced any need for metaphor or simile.  The squirt/slime sexkeit of Contemporary Europe especially proves the loss of moral health and decay of the common good, all due to the sex furies with their contraceptive plague killing tradition and the culture which gave us all we have.  The only acceptable “sacred” thing left appears more and more to be the prurient press and media which use squirt and slime to replace completely man’s image and likeness of God—And the new taboo is dare to criticize “sex” (and the world truly is upside down).  The final outcome is that the Church’s promotion of the sex of Nature and of Nature’s God is being overwhelmed by exciting stimulations for unNature all resulting from the pill mentality.

Time Magazine (5-3-10) devoted an issue to the alleged beneficial impacts of “the pill” consistent with the standard-less dishonest press and media incorrigibility about the fact that “sex” is a “disorder” when abnormally used inconsistent with its natural function of reproduction (By definition, any “disease” or “disorder” is an “abnormality of function).   Also overlooked is that it is moreso a “disorder” to proclaim that abnormal function is “normal.”   In contrast to Time Magazine et al, the “pill” and contraception promoters have converted “sex” into a polluting  despiritualizing, dehumanizing, unnatural, anti-evolutionary, anti-life, anti-gene, anti-natural-law force destructive of family life, childhood, culture and even religious life. 

It gets worse.  As contraceptive female sex hormones flood the world, boys experience an epidemic of learning disablities, autism, attention deficit disorder, and homosexuality.  Because of the pill, “abortion” becomes necessary and acceptable because life wants to go on in spite of contraception.  With “abortion,” people lose their conscience and all society changes, because life is now expendable and arbitrary.  And men do not have to care about their children—why should they when the kid was not wanted and could have been aborted.  A close tragic example is the demise of Medicine as a profession:  Abortion forced doctors not only to kill the unborn but to open medical records rendering the Oath of Hippocrates, which governed Medicine for over 2000 years, to be null and void except for the part where Medicine is cursed if the Oath was not followed (and if you do not think Medicine is cursed today, you are not a doctor).  Look around, and most doctors are business men now and slaves to a medical bureaucracy of government and health insurance crooks.  Make no mistake:  this loss of Medicine as a profession is ultimately because of the pill.  And the growing lack of pediatricians is not an unconscious spin off of “the pill”?  There is more again:  School children, deprived of childhood, now become killers aborting their own way in reaction to the murder of one-fourth of their classmates—and no wonder our children hate us adults—we deserve it—and it is the impact of the pill…So a 14 year old kills his three younger sibs, his mom and then himself on July 22, 2010—just call it “abortion, extended” by doing what is suggested.  Just tell your children that one-fourth of their classmates are dead and that they are not supposed to care because they can have sex themselves—or maybe give them some matches and send them to the New York Times or other abortion loving psychopaths—the kids are doing their own “aborting” of those they consider unwanted too.  And let us not bring up the epidemic of “bullying.”  And as sex pills are advertised everywhere, the world is supposed to pretend there are no subliminal metastases from the “pill” even though by 2010, “sex addiction” is identified as an official disorder with treatment programs readily available.  Got Humanae Vitae  yet?

In essence, because of the “pill,” every ejaculatory act is now “normal” enabling homosexuals to proclaim and deny their disorder at the same time which is absurd—People with disorders, whether diabetes, epilepsy, or schizophrenia, do not go around proclaiming how proud they are to have it and at the same time deny that they have a disorder.   “Normal” people with any disorder adequately treated do not need to “come out” but can function without imposing their disorder on others.  This is the ultimate proof of sickness of homosexuality and all those promoting contemporary “sex.”  If this is not pollution, then nothing is.  The “pill” is the cause of the promotion of non-reproductive non-marital sexuality for humans--which is as polluting and anti-environmental as squirting oil on the ground in backyards—only the impact of the pill is everywhere i.e., totally polluting—just turn on the television. 

Suggestibility as Original Sin

The next reason for the current toxic environment to family and children is the press and media4.  The Church has failed to address and cope adequately with changes in communication technology.  One needs little imagination to realize that for millennia before the arrival of current communication methods beginning in the 1950s, the Church was the major source of all information—You went to Church and Church schools to find out what was going on and how it fit in the Divine flow of the Universe, and the Church was likely the only place real music could be heard.  But now there are thousands of newspapers, television shows, movies, videos, CDs, and the internet.    The press and electronocelluloid communications have replaced the Church and now rule the world by convincing impressionable, gullible and suggestible people to believe almost anything except the Church—and denatured “sex” (appropriately called “prurience”) is malevolently used to promote and seduce to whatever the editors tyrannically desire and advertise.  The press and media, more polluted more than all others, spread their unnaturalness incorrigibly and inexorably.

The Church has forgotten that people are extremely suggestible and gullible—Indeed, suggestibility has always been the most accurate demonstration of original sin – “Go ahead - take a bite out of that apple.”  Or, “Believe that editor’s glitz.”  Or, most common now a days :  “Take the pill (or whatever) and ejaculate any way you want so you do not have to be part of Nature any longer.” 

Regardless, until people learn not to be gullible and suggestible, they will be at the mercy of unscrupulous tyrannical editors who impose their values with all sorts of exhilarating sexualized attention seeking sensationalism selling us material and mental garbage (“pollution” for sure).  The suggestibility phenomenon when coupled with sexualization results in a despiritualization of life such that “anything goes” and “freedom” defaults to “whatever you can get away with.”   Resulting is a pagan culture toxic to family life and childhood.


  1. Suggestibility Prevention Programs need to be implemented.  These are available from me at  “Suggestibility” makes everything contagious from homosexuality to HIV.  Basically, children need to learn how to ignore the arousing over-stimulating opposite of what is True, One, Good and Beautiful.  All need to know that everything from the contemporary press & media has been selected by unscrupulous calculating editors who want to manipulate all into buying junk—from junk food to junk ideas. 

 The press and media have become “LOOK AT ME” experts playing “Let’s pretend, but buy what I’m selling!”  Look closely and beyond the ink smudges and flickering lights, and see nothing with rare exceptions.  Almost all is fantasy or made up nonsense best called “editor’s crap.”  And the most celebrated newspaper should really be named The New York Brainwash.  Basically, people must not believe anything from the press and media without two independent documented confirmations because the press and media are untrustworthy wanting only to manipulate the people to think the way of the editors.  Suggestibilty Prevention Programs are especially essential to protect and promote my favorite mantra of the Church’s message:

Break the Bread and bless the Wine and join Jesus with all others so sanctified in a Statimuum of all, with all, and for all, Incarnated by “Life, Sacrifice, Virtue, Love, Humanity, Peace, Freedom, Death,” in the universe received and receiving one time for all time praising God in unlimited Spirituality of Consubstantiation Transubstantiation. Amen.  (Yeah!). 

Suggestibility (original sin) can sure mess it up. 

And it helps not when the press and media of America is run by craven cowards afraid to reveal and shame Muslims who follow a madman5 and a loveless book which promotes murder, child molesting, oppression of women, slavery and death to all who disbelieve, and, therefore, must use violence to maintain itself—and the press does nothing to help all.  In addition, the American liberal press and media are total traitors to America when they promote government expansion, citizen constriction and unfreedom by directives opposite to those which gave America its successes and greatness—Let’s see now:  The liberals have better ideas i.e., to do what not only failed other countries but what America has carefully avoided doing in the past.  Amazing.  Then there is the total suppression of the biggest child molesting pervert in history:  Alfred Kinsey [6] (who was not a priest).  I shout:  “Our press and media is unworthy of survival.”   The press and media’s failure to tell the people what is not True, One, Good and Beautiful is a total discrediting of themselves to be craven cowards as well as an absolute denial and loss of journalism as a profession.  Suggestibility Prevention Programs are needed.

  1. Satire of Sexuality is likely to be the only facile way to defuse the excitability and contagion of polluting prurience.  Our culture is awash in sex innuendo and titillation for which the public needs rejecting words and ideas. The Church’s longstanding “sex is sacred” metaphor is failing not only the people since 1950s but also some clergy, as the recent priest-teenage-boy sex scandal confirms.  Satire of Sexuality is the only alternative.  It is a totally different way of thinking and will be foreign to all and therefore temporarily uncomfortable.  Satire of Sexuality is basically an over-biological mocking which neutralizes sexuality such that it no longer enthralls and entices people into a despiritualized dehumanized mode of prurience.  This can most effectively be done, I believe, by what I have recognized was my own Augustinian youth experience.  Somehow, in my pre- and pubertal years, my peers had satirical words to use with any sexuality:  It was a dirty minded schoolboy denigration of sexuality – ridiculous, humorous, nasty, crude, but extremely helpful – absolutely helpful – by being able to cope and neutralize sexually stimulating material instead of succumbing to it—sex was laughed off, ignored, and we had better fun learning about unadulterated general life.   And the Nazi desired Godless outcome of unnatural sex was reversed by satirical mockery of unnatural non-functional “sex.”

If someone has a better idea, then speak up - but right now, nothing works well, and I believe nothing will work expansively except a satirical simplistic over-biologizing of sexuality.  Sex promoters will not like it; and they will censor it in contrast to their willingness to “free press” their prurience (which proves my point).  To place “off limits” the words of Sex Satire is a journalistic and artistic crime.  The words of Sex Satire should at least be offered as supplemental to the usual—just knowing about sex satire and hearing the mocking words applied to prurience may work wonders, and the people have the right to know them.  

This is not to denigrate marital sexuality which is ultimately sacred, because marriage offers “life” as the Church has declared while all non-marital sexuality is essentially a toileting function appropriately called “sexcretion.”  Humanae vitae was right.  Humanae vitae is right (My 1993 article1  has been proven accurate and is a must read for an in depth understanding of the basic loss of the common good due to contraception).  Sexuality properly in marriage is a sacred phenomenon and should be life offering and unity producing.  Outside of marriage, it should be called “toileting” and is toxic and destructive as PROVEN by the already described trends in our society since acceptance of the pill and all contraception thereafter. 

The perhaps first cutting edge ever written source of sex satire are in my two volume book Everybody for Everybody [7] (available at Amazon).  The SATIRE OF SEXUALITY contained therein need not be reproduced here – but should be imposed whenever non-reproductive, non-marital sexuality is glamorized and pro-offered.  With the growing and incorrigible YouTube and rest of the internet, the “Dictionary of Disgust” and the rest of the sex satire articles need to be flooding the World Wide Web too for the sake of the children especially.  A proposed “” (before the “public toileting” pornographers get it) needs to give children the words they need to hear which can help them remain children.  Reviewers of the book have seen the sex satire parts as briskly humorous—headshaking humorous, and they acknowledge a hard-hitting laughable mental capacity to cope with prurience without contagion (Not that liberals will be happy with it—Madonna will not like what she should hear because it makes her into a laughable fool). 

Satire is an art form and cannot be more censored than sex promoters allow for themselves.  Sex satire is basically a redefinition of extramarital non-reproductive sexuality as an excretory phenomenon!  Such is foreign and unlikable but it is accurate and once understood places contemporary sex into an innocuous joke of biological relief. To have the ideation and words of Sex Satire available is to be able to defuse sexuality and reduce its destructive impact.

Supposedly sex promoters have the right to impose their pollution, and, in like manner therefore, we have the right to equally impose sex satire.  Just call them “dirty old men” and offer them the “Sex Prayer” from my book.  Indeed, the press and media have always claimed to enthusiastically embrace “new ideas” and allegedly willing to promulgate them consistent with the First Amendment.  This should apply to new conservative ideas as well as liberally wacko sex shock crap.   Basically, the so-called free press should tell the world sex satire equal to sex promotions, so the people have a better understanding instead of emotional arousing stimulation—People can then better decide thoughtfully for themselves rather than automatic bewildering titillation.  Of course, the “free and open press” choke on their own words and are nothing but transparent frauds when they refuse to promulgate my “Sex Prayer” and the other sexual satires offered.  Quite frankly, Satire of Sex is subsumed under “new ideas” and allegiance to the First Amendment requires promulgation.

The capacity to satirize sex gives resistance if not immunity to the tsunami of prurience which disrupts family life and childhood.

  1. The Right to Childhood must be implemented.  Children deserve more than a philosophy [8].  It is amazing and discrediting that all these promoters for human “rights” of every imaginable way of living (and squirting and sliming), refuse to promote a “Right to Childhood.”  The Right to Childhood means that children are protected from adulthood.   Even Sigmund Freud wrote of a natural “latency period” for children wherein sexuality was minimized and negated as essential for healthy development.  Actually, childhood is destroyed by adulterating explicit sex education arousal programming and by contemporary press and media marketing and entertainment prurience.  This toxic culture now includes the incidence of sex abuse of under age 14 involves 25 percent of girls and 10 percent of boys—numbers never like this anywhere before the electronocelluoid technology began to promote the pill and phermoneless sexuality.  No doubt, the mocking of sex I heard during my latency was protective and developmentally sound.

Children are better off with the dirty minded school boy satirical denigration of non-marital sex than anything ever offered by Planned Parenthood and their ineffective “sex ed” programs.  “Sex ed” is predatory by an outright self-defeating design so Planned Parenthood, exploiting an undeniable conflict of interest, can make money doing abortions for resulting pregnancies (when justice demands Planned Parenthood pay for the pregnancies and child care resulting when their sex ed fails).  For pre-adults, sex ed and contraception routinely fail because youths are incompetent to handle sex/contraception as much as they are incompetent to take their own medicines for any illness, incompetent to drink alcohol, incompetent to drive cars well, incompetent to get their homework done on time and even incompetent to keep their room clean.  To give children adulthood with or without contraception is stupid and pollution. 

The “Right to Childhood” involves knowledge that one-fourth of a person’s age class and generation has likely been murdered by abortion.  They have the right to know who did it and who supported it.  They have the right to choose how to deal with the adults who were involved.  What goes around, comes around.

A “Right to Childhood” is needed which includes an unadulterated lifestyle filled with wholesome education and activities and a capability to mock and laugh at the polluting sex garbage flooding the world.

Until someone comes up with effective alternatives, these solutions must be embraced and promulgated vigorously.  If this approach makes you uncomfortable, think how it affects the mega-sexoisie and the sexarchy manipulating us to be the make-nice namby pamby sex-numbed fools that we are.


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