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Psychology & Clinical Psychiatry
Volume 5 Issue 2 - 2016
Sex Education for Children
Dr. Samuel A Nigro M.D*
Retired, Assistant Clinical Professor Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, USA
Received: October 15, 2015 | Published: January 27, 2016
*Corresponding author: Dr. Samuel A Nigro M.D, Retired, Assistant Clinical Professor Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, 2517 Guilford Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118, USA, Tel: 216 932-0575; Email:
Citation: Nigro SA (2016) Sex Education for Children. J Psychol Clin Psychiatry 5(2): 00254. DOI: 10.15406/jpcpy.2016.05.00254


...Nature and Nature's God

Humans need to relearn what genuine sexuality is for the planet, the animal kingdom, and the universe, because Nature's laws for sexuality are as clear as laws for gravity. 

Planetary norms for sexuality for subhuman creatures are very clear, in that higher creatures are bio-chemically governed by pheromones.  In nature, pheromones, unless biochemical disturbance, confine sexual activity to a time of likely reproduction between two adult opposite sex members of the same species.  There is basically no sexuality with the immature, with same sexed creatures, or with other species. 

Humans have unconsciously recognized this and complied with nature’s norms for the most part.  But there are no biochemical pheromones for humans so the pheromones have been psycho-social – marriage.  Every culture of any substance has established rules for copulation embracing marriage or something comparable.  This was important because if humans had biochemical pheromones, they would be like subhuman animals without “love” as the basis for human relationships.  Love would be impossible if biochemical pheromones control sexuality.  Instead, love and marriage became the psycho-social "pheromones" and the Nature based law of human copulation.

This has been overwhelmingly so, until the mid-1900s when television, movies, and other electrono-celluloid-ink offerings became available proving humans to be extremely suggestible including abandonment of human nature, traditions and cultures.  At the same time, the sex act itself became exaggerated and deformed to self stimulation any way, anywhere, with anyone.  Whatever became their method of sex pleasure became one's identity--one's "gender".   Thus masturbation became the major method of "sexuality" with a grotesque abandonment of nature's reproduction consistent copulation with opposite sexed mature members of the same species.  Today's masturbatory culture could not be more out of synchrony with nature, the animal kingdom, the planet and the universe.  It turns girls and women into a community harem.

It takes only a moment to realize Nature's wisdom:  Subhuman animals without pheromones to control sexuality, would be doing what humans are now doing without marriage and love--The planet would be nothing but masturbating animals.  And if humans forced animals to do what humans now do sexually, it would be animal cruelty.

It is important to know that the unnatural sexuality of today's humanity is due to the acceptance and promotion of abortion and contraception.  Abortion and contraception enable the consequences of unnatural sexuality: 

  1. The loss of one's identity by not being true to oneself as born and to Nature; 
  2. The unnatural creation of  many so-called "genders" of one's self-proclaimed preferred way of sexual pleasure; 
  3. The destruction the family, especially due to loss of paternity and good fatherhood;
  4. The destruction of childhood as children are subjected to adult sexuality and violence;
  5. The conversion of women into betrayers of other women by seeking sex with other women's husbands;
  6. The diminishing of genuine femaleness as naturally reproduction-consistent on the planet;
  7. The creation of a psychotic-like society of obsessive-compulsive genital squirt-slime maniacs and body dysmorphic disorders;
  8. The conversion of press and media into betrayers of Nature by genitalized or violent excitement in order to manipulate the people to be clones of editors; 
  9. And the perversion of politicians and government law into betrayers of the Constitution by the  promotion of abortion and contraception which remove humanity from Nature; and
  10. Abortion and contraception remove mankind totally from evolution with destruction of millions of potential "natural selections".

Love based marriage was human sexual education, but now, unnatural dupes of the gay cult have taken over.  Under the guises of free speech and open criticism of society, the gay cult imposes its subculture all the while intolerantly refusing free speech by prohibiting open criticism of itself as an obvious disease for society.  Most just want to "make nice" so they succumb to obedience to authority proclaiming "evil can be good" if you follow the latest propaganda and public relations promos.  And the consequence of disagreeing with the gay cult is like dealing with soccer hooligans.

Sex Identity of Children

  1. Most children are genetically and biochemically designated male or female at birth and will develop consistent with nature unless deformed and tricked by the gay cult.
  2. A few children are anatomically defective and not clearly defined at birth.  The parents, with medical advice, will provide a surgical correction consistent with genital understanding as a male or a female.  Such children are not left bisexual or undefined.
  3. A few children are biochemically disordered but anatomically intact.  This is usually due to unforeseen impact of female hormones in the environment and food and the contraceptives used by the child’s mother prior to the pregnancy.  These children are biochemically disturbed and consider themselves to be homosexual.
  4. Most children are healthy with their maleness or femaleness.  Many go through immature confusional states with little difficulty being aware that “love” is not “sexual behavior.”  The most common confusion has to do with “best friends” during childhood and early adolescence.  These best friends are loved and even thought of briefly as “marriage” fleetingly is thought.  Normally, such is quickly discarded unless preyed upon gay cultists eager to recruit into homosexuality by the longstanding gay tactic called “chicken hawking”.  As normal age occurs, if left in childhood without coercive adulteration or the gay cult, the children will pass through to full genuine maleness for boys and femaleness for girls, all of which is in their best interest by nature, family and culture.
  5. All ages from childhood through adulthood are susceptible, in varying degrees, to body dysmorphic disorder which is the chronic abnormal use of a body part.  Basically, the body offers self pleasuring for itself, i.e., almost anybody can be a focus of habitual self stimulation.  A minimal extreme is the pleasant scratching oneself.  A maximal extreme is the “pleasure” of full hand vaginal or anal “fisting” of lesbians and homosexuals.  When habituated to an obsessive/compulsive degree, such body dysmorphic disorder is clearly an abnormality because of inappropriate misuse of a body part from its natural function.  Gay body dysmorphic disorders are an epidemic because of the habituating impact of body pleasure.  But it becomes a cultural delusion and a political force of derangement.  Nevertheless, when presented in public, body dysmorphic disorders should be illegal because they are truly “disturbances of the peace”--at least in terms of the violation of norms of privacy.
  6. Sexual activity is anatomically related for the most part in a normal fashion with the excretory system.  Indeed, the genitals comprise excretory and reproductive functions as anatomically related and nearly identical.  Thus it is not inappropriate to recognize genuine sexuality as the copulations between the adult opposite sex members of the same species.  But when sex acts do not meet that criteria, the acts are excretory functions, i.e., appropriately named “sexcretion”--a pseudo sex act for relief and not consistent with reproduction in Nature.  Non-marital sex acts are "sexleting" (analogous to "toileting").


In conclusion, children need to hear the facts of sexuality on the planet.  Humans have a better culture, society and family life when sexuality is kept as much as possible consistent with planetary norms, and with "...Nature and Nature's God".  Humans need to be warned that there is a psychosis of masturbation and body dysmorphic disorder epidemic which are politicized by the gay cult eager to recruit them, seduce them, parade with them, and disturb the peace with them as they act out their body obsessions and compulsions pretending that what is basically evil and wrong has been authoritatively decreed to be "good."  Children need to know that sex outside of marriage is basically unnatural and anyone telling them otherwise is trying to exploit them and should be told that "I refuse to be your toilet."  "I will not be in your harem."  "I will not exploit you."

It is not good to be deprived of childhood. Sex is not part of it except “Sex is for reproduction and love in marriage. Don’t bother with it until then. Sex is part of the yuk and work of adults. Wait. You are not missing a thing except loss of your childhood.”

(The best study for "nature and nature's God" are to look up on theWorld Wide Web the following:  "Nature and God--University of Notre Dame"; "Teilhard de Chardin"; and "Theogeocalculus." And get my book, Soul of the Earth...)

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