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Psychology & Clinical Psychiatry
Volume 4 Issue 3 - 2015
Abortion & Contraception: The Outcome
Dr. Samuel A Nigro M.D*
Retired, Assistant Clinical Professor Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, USA
Received: October 15, 2015 | Published: November 24, 2015
*Corresponding author: Dr. Samuel A Nigro M.D, Retired, Assistant Clinical Professor Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, 2517 Guilford Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118, USA, Tel: 216 932-0575; Email:
Citation: Nigro SA (2015) Abortion & Contraception: The Outcome. J Psychol Clin Psychiatry 4(3): 00214. DOI: 10.15406/jpcpy.2015.04.00214


Since the 1960s, abortion and contraception have been increasingly accepted by almost every country and culture.  Both are promoted as beneficial with adverse effects minimized if not completely denied.  To the contrary, the negative effects are obvious, severe and undeniable once recognized.  One remembers Shakespeare's:  "Unnatural deeds do breed unnatural troubles.  Infected minds to their deaf pillows will discharge their secrets; more need they the divine than the physician" (Hamlet).  Nature pays back for the unnatural.  The most satanic result is that killing is good --which is the subliminal abortion mentality, predictably the basis of most psychosocial massacres ever since, from Columbine to remote "drive by shooting" deaths.  Decades ago, the Germans and Soviets did killing is good more honestly and openly, and the entire people succumbed by willfully following evil authorizing laws instead of multitudes of scattered impulsive unnatural death dealing.  Read this paper to grasp the far reaching results of the psychological metastases of abortion and contraception.

  1. Abortion and contraception have turned sexual copulation into a meaningless excretory act totally out of its natural function for animal life on the planet which is reproduction.  For humans, sexual functioning has become non-reproductive selfishness with a culture of masturbation accepting any activity other than reproductive consistent intercourse.  Thus, sexual activity outside the traditional family for humans is accurately called "sexcretion" because it is inconsistent with what is natural to the planet, and is an excretory act (and therefore "pollution").
  2. Abortion and contraception render normal sexual copulation to be irrelevant and thus sex no longer has its natural reproductive consequences and "orgasm" ("squirt/sliming" is preferred) has become the new goal of "sex."  Thus, masturbation takes over.  Learning masturbation, females have become "male" in seeking biological sex relief with "female sliming" enthusiastically promoted and welcomed as much as "male squirting" is for males.  The resulting female seductive stimulating attire and prurient behavior actually "rape" males by intentionally imposing and exciting them when such was not part of the male's original mentality (The imposing of sexual stimulation has always been "rape" when males did the imposing on females--and, equality in mind, it is the same when females do it to males).  Obnoxiously and dishonestly, the reacting male is then often called the "rapist" after the female got a surge of guilt for her unconsciously recognized unnatural "maleness" and/or a surge of anger for her inability to handle the behaviors she provoked.  Thus sexual activity outside the traditional family for humans often is a cruel paradox and self-contradiction, which create emotional distress and conflict.
  3. Abortion and contraception defeat the meaning of normal sexual copulation by replacing with de-genderization ("multi-genderization" is more accurate).  Thus, selfish individualized squirting and sliming have become independent of natural reproduction-consistent sexuality, to the degree of acquiring a superficially benign acceptance, enabling and celebrating of the many disease states and pseudo-identities of the gay cult:  homosexual, lesbian, transgender, minor-attracted people (pedophiliac), masochist, sadist, transvestite, exhibitionist, frotteurist, and any type of fetish.   Thus sexual activity outside the traditional family for humans has become one's preferred method of masturbating declaring it to be one's "gender" to the extent that "male" and "female" are replaced and deformed ("Male" has always been defined as the fecundating member of the species; and "female" has always been defined as the ova providing member of the species.).
  4. Abortion and contraception create the supremacy of squirting and sliming, which now are considered the basic sex act:  solo, coupled, grouped, any way, any where, any time, assisted by gadgets, tools, plants and animals.    Thus sexual activity outside traditional family for humans is mostly a loveless biological reflex achieving obsessive-compulsive body dysmorphia without community defined dignity, unity, integrity, identity, and spirituality consistent with nature and the animal kingdom which overwhelmingly rejects contemporary human sexuality.
  5. Abortion and contraception remove dignity and respect for wives and husbands.   Totally disrespecting married females, husbands especially are "fair game" for the slime seekers as much as any other person, object, tool or animal.  Thus, sexual activity outside the traditional family for humans is an assault on married women and the integrity of traditional family .
  6. Abortion and contraception reduce children to property and non-persons.  If not prevented from existing, children have no Right to Childhood which includes self-developing, educating, virtue promoting, civilizing, and pro-social mothering and fathering.  This is because children are being taught to masturbate and desensitized by press & media imposed sexualized violence, pornography, and virtue mockery.  The United Nations encourages the teaching of masturbation to kindergarteners.  This degrading culture of masturbation instills a desire to escape from such a culture, most easily by drug use starting about 12 years of age.   Thus, sexual activity outside the traditional family imposes adultery and sexcretion which destroy "childhood" and alienate by the degenderizing and dehumanizing impact of unnatural and untimely adult sexuality.
  7. Abortion and contraception enable "females to become males"--which cleverly shames males (by unequal victimhood) from asserting themselves and tricks males (by 2 and 5 supra) into deferring to females to the degree that fathers are rendered irrelevant and useless.   The female assertion of maleness expands until the male begins to assert his maleness as he would to another male, at which time the female suddenly wants to be treated as a female again.  "Equality" goes only so far and is really for the female only.  Thus, sexual activity outside the traditional family turns paternity over to females (It is a fact, that there are no feminists of any importance in any culture which has no Western paternal standards).               
  8. Abortion and contraception reduce females to obligatory toilets for males.   Females have learned the simplicity of squirting for males made clear by a male patient who said to me in the 1970s:  "American women are really something. You can get a hand job, a blow job or a quick is about as significant for our relationship as taking a leak."  Then he spoke about going back to Puerto Rico to find a woman to marry.  And Whitaker Chambers wrote of communist women being "toilets for the party."  This applies to most high school females now--they are squirt and toilet experts, masturbating since 5 years old if Planned Parenthood sex educators and the United Nations have their way.   Thus, sexual activity outside the traditional family turns females into overused toilets with ex-partner filled memories such that a traditional marital commitment is impossible.  Males have to be fools to marry someone like that.
  9. Abortion and contraception have created male expectations that intercourse will be completed by the third date.  Females are now obligated to squirt/slime regardless as voluntary members of a national harem for males.  Thus, sexual activity outside of traditional family results in the haremization of females which is the most evident desired, but unstated, outcome of feminism. 
  10. Abortion and contraception enable the loss of traditional mores.  Even the Nazis wrote of the loss of conscience, when non-traditional sexual mores are promoted, such that people could be manipulated to violence.  Violence and pornography are linked.  Without belief that some acts are wrong, evil orders and ideas are readily followed.  Thus, sexual activity outside of traditional family results in a "If sex does not matter, then nothing matters so just do whatever". 
  11. Abortion resulted in the opening of medical records and the demise of the Hippocratic Oath.   Early abortion laws required concurrence of two physicians reporting to the judge that an abortion was necessary and records were made available so the female could have her abortion.  Once records were opened, a method was available to take over the medical profession by government and third party mega bureaucracies.  Thus, sexual activity outside of the traditional family led to the destruction of the self-governing once-profession of medicine. 
  12. Abortion and contraception have altered the identity of males to be manual masturbating sexcretion experts.  Some celebrity males have begun to provide to females who want his photograph will, more and more, provide a photo of his right hand (or preferred left hand as the case may be).  Thus, sexual activity outside of the traditional family has led to anatomical reduction and biological fragmentation of identities and relationships such that genuine humanbeingness is gone.  
  13. Abortion and contraception have intoxicated the press and media to the degree that prevarication and manipulation are journalism's main techniques and goals.  Truth, oneness, good and beauty are rejected in order to support the sexuality enabled by abortion and contraception.  Thus, sexual activity outside the traditional family led to the destruction of the press' commitment to the First Amendment as Founders desired virtue affirming for the people. 
  14. Abortion and contraception mocks those who believe in "evolution and natural selection."  Thus, sexual activity outside the traditional family makes fools of those who claim to believe in contemporary Darwinism. 
  15. Abortion sanctifies KILLING.  Killing is okay in the unconscious now...manifest years later by kids killing kids with guns (What is the problem if abortion is the norm?).  Kids hate the culture and want to escape by drugging themselves--those who do not use drugs will use guns.  The abortion movement and its culture are not confined to the unborn or their mothers.


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