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Volume 1 Issue 2

AHP® inactivates PEDV in the presence of high feces load

Lucas Pantaleon
Ogena Solutions, USA
Received: October 17, 2014 | Published: October 22, 2014
Correspondence: Lucas Pantaleon, Board Certified Large Animal Internal Medicine, Specialist Director, Technical Services, Ogena Solutions, USA, Tel 1 855 900 8822 ext 226, Mobile 1 (859) 705 8596, Email
Citation: Pantaleon L. AHP® inactivates PEDV in the presence of high feces load. J Dairy Vet Anim Res. 2014;1(2):35. DOI: 10.15406/jdvar.2014.01.00009

Mini review

A recent controlled study performed by a research team at Iowa State University demonstrated that under simulated field conditions normally seen in swine trailers an Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) disinfectant distributed by Ogena Solutions LLC and patented and manufactured by Virox Technologies Inc. was able to kill 100% of the PEDV in the presence of both light and high amounts of fecal matter.

Having a disinfectant that can perform so well in the presence of up to 25% fecal matter adds a significant layer of protection to the current way trailers and other equipment are cleaned and disinfected, thereby improving overall biosecurity. In addition the study showed the potential of decreasing the number of steps needed to properly decontaminate a trailer, thus making the whole process more efficient and cost effective.

Other benefits include the fact that AHP is a more user friendly disinfectant to use, does not require the use of PPE when being applied, and is also environmentally friendly.

We’re very pleased with these results and think that AHP will revolutionize the way cleaning and disinfection gets done in the food production industry”, said Dave Hachey, President of Ogena Solutions LLC.

The results of the study will be soon submitted for peer review publication.



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