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International Journal of
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Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Opinion Volume 1 Issue 5

A Healthy Perspective to Disease - Through the Scope of New Age Therapies

Ameeta Thacker

Synchrony - Soul Mind Body Healing Centre, India

Correspondence: Ameeta Thacker, Synchrony - Soul Mind Body Healing Centre, 10/6 Geet gaurav, Jawahar nagar, S.V.Road, Goregaon west, Mumbai - 400062, Maharashtra, India, Tel +91-9820249177

Received: August 04, 2015 | Published: September 30, 2015

citation: Thacker A (2015) A Healthy Perspective to Disease- Through the Scope of New Age Therapies. Int J Complement Alt Med 1(5): 00031. DOI: 10.15406/ijcam.2015.01.00031

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Health and Disease are inevitable existential reality of the human species.

While health is always considered life enhancing; Disease is always considered life deteriorating. They seem to be counterparts and so inevitably focus is on restoring health through interventions medically or otherwise.

Health has been defined and conceived in different ways from times immemorial. Though It is a positive concept yet abstract and quite subjective. Each one perceives and lives through their own understanding of the state of health and disease. It is quite relative and an individualistic experience. From etymological perspective health means ‘a being whole; sound or well’. WHO defines health as a ‘state of complete physical mental and social wellbeing not merely absence of disease or infirmity. While different cultures have different ways and facets of explaining the term health, there is Sanskrit word for health called as ‘Swasthaya’ which means ‘being centered in own Self’. In the Indian context Self means - Sat chitananda - being in bliss of consciousness - a true sense of well being. Any deviation from this state of well being is called as disease. This brings it closest to the deeper meaning of health with respect to Self - and whole of human being in its true essence.

In today’s times Health has been measured most of the times in terms of ‘absence of a disease’ with the criteria of the clinical investigations within normal range. Modern man is concerned more about his investigation reports showing everything in the so called ‘Normal range’. Any abnormality in the investigations can urge him to prompt action towards medical treatment in contrast to the signs of little nudges of the state of uneasiness and disharmony in his body functions, day to day affairs, work place or interpersonal relationships.

┬áPerceiving and Living healthy these days looks like saying there is ‘no thorn there’ but the presence of the flower in its entirety with its leaves and thorn is by itself different experience altogether.

With the evolution of human species, perspective to health and disease too evolved; along with that also evolved side - by - side different forms of intervention of restoring to health and elimination of disease.

Something that started from primitive times - healing with forces of nature (aborigines) evolved through Weird practices of warding off evil (the then perceived cause of disease and dogmatic approach of religion) which further went through the process of healing through Worshipping and Prayers; with the modern times came to rescue through more scientific ways of healing.

Medical world then opened up new dimension to healing and health though it got polarized and started focusing on the physical aspects of the disease - i.e. derangement of human biology and physiology so to say. As a result of which dealing with the mental health got separated and remained limited to the stream of psychologists and psychiatrists.

Scientific approach led to in depth study of the ‘cause of the derangement of the health’. Over the centuries focus shifted on understanding the cause of the symptom and removing them rather than understanding -what is health? Or what is state of well being in a true sense?

At a subtler level it emphasized on removing negativity from a being rather than exploring Positivity within a being. So over a period of time efforts went towards finding the cause of the diseases ranging from Malnutrition, lack of hygiene, various infectious agents (virus, bacteria, fungi etc.) dysfunction in metabolism, genetic inheritance and in recent times blaming it on lifestyle conditions. Soon from the then weird holistic approach to disease, medical interventions started developing reductionist approach as science and spirituality parted ways through advances in technology and industrialization, while psychology became one of the subjects separate from the human body.

In the recent years with the advent of technology mankind has more or less got closer to mastering the intervention at the level of physical body health.

However With the shift in the consciousness of the human population as the New Age emerged around 1970’s alternative therapies came up with the focus on holistic healing.

It emphasized on the holistic interdependency of mind body and spirit in an individual.

New age therapies emphasize largely on personal growth - so to say all the facets of human being - physical, emotional, spiritual, social wellbeing. It aims towards merging science and spirituality.

The wide range of diseases in modern times likes of lifestyle disorders, cancer, autoimmune disorders, have once again started bringing a lot of attention on the holistic dimension - i.e. Derangement of mind body link in the inception of disease.

Some of the recent researchers like Dr Bruce lipton, medical doctors like Bernie Siegel have been forerunners in the proponent of alternative therapies as mentioned in their respective publications.

A recent study in the emerging scientific discipline of Psycho Neuro Endocrine Immunology (PNI) validates the mind body link in the development of the disease and brings to full circle the understanding of health and disease in a holistic way.

While mainstream medicine is still getting stuck on the reductionist approach focusing on the ailing part of the human body the New age alternative therapies which has wide range of different kinds of esoteric healing practices, hypnotherapy, homeopathy etc. have been reliable fallback for a quite large segment of population who are dejected by the vagaries of the modern medicine world.

It has been possible to merge science and spirit; and come to confluence point of physiology psychology and underlying mystical element of soul or the spirit or the vital force or the consciousness in one individualized unit of human system with some of these alternative esoteric healing modalities.

Interestingly Hippocrates the father of modern Medicine had always drawn attention towards mind body medicine back way back 400BC. He wrote - Natural forces within us are the true healers of the disease. Around mid twentieth century student of Freud, Chicago psychiatrist Franz Alexander developed a form of medicine based on psychoanalysis which led to the formal development of the mind body field called as psychosomatic medicine. He stated that -“The fact that the mind rules the body is, in spite of its neglect by biology and medicine, the most fundamental fact which we know about the process of life”.

Practically speaking 95 % of illnesses are now considered as Psychosomatic. Awareness of population is shifting towards healthy lifestyle free from stress .Researchers in PNI have investigated that the Key to health lies not in avoidance of stress but Coping with the stress. Distress is the ‘inner reaction to stress’ which results out of inadequate coping mechanisms to stress.

Health and disease are thereby now considered as the states based on the inner abilities to cope with stress. Each one has individual coping mechanisms of stress based on our personality traits which are influenced by the child hood programming and genetic inheritance. The blue print of how we feel, cope up with our feelings, thoughts and behave in a certain manner is anchored in our personality traits. While our personality is largely result of how our inherent nature is interacting and influenced by our environmental inputs. As one grows their coping mechanisms indicate the way they are unconsciously or consciously choosing state of health or disease.

Disease is a state of dis- ease and disharmony within. It arises in the state of dis -integrity of one’s thought feeling emotions and actions. It is outcome of one’s coping strategies to the external and internal situations, however ultimately Free will and Choice to get well and bounce back to state of health enables one to transform the ‘dis-ease within’ to a state of ‘ease and well being’ - the state of health. So to say Dis- ease states become indicators of prevailing disintegrity between mind and body and the ineffective coping mechanisms as a survival strategy .Hence addressing disease at a mind body level restores to holistic state of well being.

A healthy perspective to disease is a choice that one can take to transform into state of health and use it to one’s advantage. Disease can be perceived as stepping stone to health just as failures are considered as a stepping stone to success.

Negation of dis-ease or killing and suppressing the symptoms of the disease may deprive one from the Awareness and acknowledgement of their coping abilities, thereby depriving them of chance to come to terms with it and live a more fuller and wholesome life.

Disease actually speaks about what their mind cannot speak and where the soul or spirit remains unaware and expresses at the level of Body as well as through different distressing situations.

In my private clinical practice as my practice on the lines of holistic healing - working with
With homoeopathic medicines wherever medicines required and wherever possible with barely minimum intervention of medicines I employ clinical hypnotherapy, regression work to address some of the stubborn issues of the individuals.

I have found that in many cases - symptoms at the ‘physical body level’ - actually speaks about what ‘their mind cannot speak’.

There have been quite a few amazing case studies where undoing and unlearning of the conflicts and awareness with acceptance of it has reversed diseased conditions as well as much better quality of living!

A medical doctor was diagnosed with PCOD had difficulty in conception was subjected through all possible modern medicine treatments. She approached me for helping her to release her stress at home front as well as acne through clinical hypnotherapy.

I started working with her emotions which were overwhelming when she first arrived.
As the main cause of her stress were stemming from domestic issues. Once working through the emotions arrived at a thought emotion pattern that ran along all through the recent years. Once that pattern was made aware to her she could with the help of therapies accept that and go beyond. This in turn led to her getting in touch with core beliefs that she was carrying since the teenage about womanhood .She had been wearing ‘the mask of a tom boy’ behind a vulnerable woman all along as it helped her to cope through the teen years and later. Over the years she stared to ‘identify herself with the cloak of tomboy’ started losing contact with the woman in her.

These ‘beliefs’ which build her to cope with teen pressures and later as an adult, eventually sabotaged her ability to conceive naturally, since it was Unconscious to her.

Once it got revealed through emotional healing and discovering the pattern (through regression) which created it, she allowed herself to open up and acknowledge her emotional conflict vis-a -vis being a woman and on acceptance of it is now a mother of two lovely children.

Another case of girl not having breathing space with her father and pent up helplessness and hostility with the situations all along came up with bad attack of asthma. After having worked through the connecting thread of events stemming from childhood incidents she could find herself and ‘breathing space free’ from all the distressing emotions, and limiting beliefs about her father, herself and about the existing situations.

There are several such cases that I witness in my daily practice in the areas of skin allergy, lichen planus, arthritis, auto immune disorders where body speaks what the mind doesn’t and is unconscious of.

By and large I work using cognitive psychotherapy techniques, emotional healing, regression and in some cases energy psychology to unravel ‘the underlying thought emotion pattern of every physical ailment’.

The results are amazing as it shows how beautifully the human design is created and in sync with its inner working in a wholesome way.

┬áThereby being involved with integrative approach towards holistic healing has opened me to ‘A healthy perspective to disease’.

Instead of labeling a person with the name of his disease -likes of ‘she is diabetic’, ‘he is hypertensive’ etc and write them off over long term or lifelong treatment I encourage them to ‘view it as what can they get more of them to be wholesome and complete through the disease’.

Rather than viewing them as Victims of disease, I choose to empower them to take charge of their health in a holistic way and take responsibility of their life and everything.

By changing their Viewpoint about the disease and Making them of conscious of what goes into creating such situations can be beneficial not just to their health and living but gradually uplift the mass consciousness of the humanity at an all together different level of existence.

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