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Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Volume 1 Issue 2 - 2015
Working with the Human Body
Edward F Block*
Block Institute For Astrobiological Studies, USA
Received:April 27, 2015 | Published: May 22, 2015
*Corresponding author: Edward F Block, Block Institute For Astrobiological Studies, 375 Dula Springs Road, Weaverville, North Carolina, USA, Email: @
Citation: Block EF (2015) Working with the Human Body. Int J Complement Alt Med 1(2): 00007. DOI: 10.15406/ijcam.2015.01.00007


This opinion concerns the energy field dynamics of the human body-field. It is a disruption in the concordant harmony of the overall human body-field that sets the stage for the onset of dis-ease within the human body. It is the genetic complement that determines the system(s) that succomb to impaired physiology and cellular metabolism. It is the genetic complement that determines the energy system that organizes the human body-field.
Keywords: Human; Body-field; Energy; Disease; Genetics; Organic, Matter; system


No matter the name of the mode of intervention while working with the human body, it is still necessary to be completely familiar with the workings of the human body in order to recognize the signs, symptoms and physical manifestations of any derangements in order to make a correct diagnosis and then to prescribe a course of treatment.

The human body is composed of matter, both inorganic and organic, that is derived from the environment. The incorporated matter is then organized as a carbon based organic entity with an aqueous medium. Organic matter has no special properties as matter apart from how that matter is organized in space by utilizing the unique bonding properties of carbon.

The point of interest is how the organization of the inorganic matter and organic matter assimilated becomes organized to become the human body. The human body starts out life as a single haploid fertile egg that becomes diploid upon injection of the haploid chromosomal complement of the sperm. It is the full diploid chromosomal complement that orchestrates the course of events that ultimately yield a fully functional mature human body [1].

Those people that use the scientific method to explore the workings of the human body have given to us a remarkable picture of what is happening at the organismal, physiologial and cellular level. However, for some reason these people have consistently neglected the aspects of energy field dynamics.


In the background of the Terran environment at large is a dynamic energy system that set the stage for the eventual origin and development of living processes. One major contributor is the Solar radiation/Solar wind and the other is the magnetosphere of the Earth. The Solar wind and incident radiation interact with the magnetosphere of the Earth to produce near the surface of the Earth a grid of electron current called the Birkland currents. These currents interact with the geomagnetic field to produce very stable transverse electromagnetic waves [2] (Prana, Kong Chi) at harmonic frequencies. These frequencies structure water at those harmonic frequencies. The frequency that sets the aquatic medium of water that resonates in all living multicellular organisms is 4.55 Hz. Microorganisms have an aquatic meduim that seems to resonate at 3.79 Hz and 5.31 Hz. The locaton of a disease of microorganismal origin within the human body has the structured water [3] shift away from the 4.55 Hz to 3.79 Hz and/or 5.31 Hz.

The human body-field [1] develops from the processes determined by the genetics of the chromosomal complement of the individual. The cell-field components of the egg define the energy field dynamics that the developing fetus evolves and displays. What is known as the acupuncture meridian/channel system is what develops on the physiological level. This system is sub-tended by a dynamic energy field that orders the morphology of the individual. The morphology of the individual is genetically determined and details how the human body-field dynamic provides the blueprint for the assimilation and incorporation of matter into the body.

The human body has 2 brains [4], one in the skull and one in the abdomen. The one in the abdomen uses the clock frequency of 4.55 Hz (the Geirtz resonances) and the one in the brain uses the clock frequency of 7.83 Hz (the Schumann resonances). The gut brain governs the assimilation and elimination of matter (food and waste). The skull brain governs respiration/overall metabolism as well as biological rhythms.

The physiological basis of disease appears to be some sort of peripheral neuropathy [5]. If you put the signs and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy next to the signs and symptoms of acupuncture & Oriental medicine, they are exactly the same! However, from personal experience having been a meditate or since the age of 4 years, there is always a shift in the human-body field away from concordant harmony before the signs and symptoms of cellular and physiological impairment manifest.


Those persons desiring to practice complementary and alternative medicine are at a political disadvantage due to the fact that Western medicine refuses to acknowledge the existence of dynamic energy processes within the body that are not Adenosine-Tri-Phosphate dependent. Clinically they must seek to correct this harmony within the human body-field and/or remove discordant water structure harmonics.


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