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International Clinical Pathology Journal
Volume 1 Issue 5

Medcrave, the sponsor for innovation
Amr Mohamed Elghazali
Forensic Pathologist, Saudi Arabia
Received: December 16, 2015 | Published: December 17, 2015

Correspondence: Amr Mohamed Elghazali, Forensic Pathologist, 5301 almahata, Hail, Saudi Arabia, Tel +966543421400, Email

Citation: Elghazali AM. Medcrave, the sponsor for innovation. Int Clin Pathol J. 2015;1(5):102. DOI: 10.15406/icpjl.2015.01.00022


Innovation, as a primarily individual activity, now has a global impact. To allow a space for ideas and guarantee the channel for its presentation, conveniently, is apparently, an absent holly grill. The scientific community is waiting for the new ideas, appreciate and reward for it. Furthermore, the innovation is no longer an exceptional or occasional activity, both individual and for organizations. Innovation, simply, is the future we have to organize, here and now. In a liberal atmosphere, the individual can explore new ideas. The direct communication allows ideas to be generating and presented. If the problem is that; innovation costs money, consumes time and effort, MedCrave grantee an incubator media for your innovation. It is our mission to make the publication more convenient though highly qualified, guided by a clear vision and responsibility. It is to make sense for innovation as a target oriented research and development (R&D). Traditionally, publishing was only, for the academics.

MedCrave has a close eye, also, on the professionals. ‘The education level of professional employees quantifies their quality and skills.1 The globalization phenomenon, demands a recognition for the role of innovators, legitimizing a space for autonomous, accepting an error margin and welcome correcting and appreciate the ‘value of effort and time even before success of exploitation.2’ All these concepts make your innovation reaches a convenient publication process. MedCrave have to define concept about the ‘group of innovator professionals for research work.2’ We are looking for a partnership with Professional scientific organizations and with universities for junior and senior candidates in the research points. A "major determinant for the capacity of the organization is the intellectual capital.1 MedCrave is looking to participate in changing the staff into knowledge workers. We have a responsibility to guide the professionals to adopt research work & development of the human capital.

MedCrave also, looking to activate the partnership with the universities, to motivate "different innovation streams.3" This is the, MedCrave clear vision for future that encourages innovation and codifies the concept of knowledge workers, the professional quality in the 21st century competition. ‘The education level of professional employees is often used to measure firms human capital.1The two alternatives for professionals to innovate or not is typically; “the globalization`s paradise or hell.4



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