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MedCrave loves to recognize all the outstanding services delivered in the realms of MedCrave Group. Anybody whether, they are an Editor or an Author, is eligible for the grant/ the only qualification is the prominent contribution in any topic of the MedCrave Open Access Journal. The grants offered to the prominent contributors can be used to pay the author's payment publishing an article. The article fee can be paid from the grant. Also, MedCrave organizes events and conferences from world renowned authors and contributors. You can also use your grant offered and get extra special privileges.

The grants are offered to candidates based on the selection made by the MedCrave Editorial Board. To apply for a grant, please mail your contributions and your Cover Letter online. The cover letter should be addressed to the Editorial Board of MedCrave. All applications will be given due consideration. An application for the grant does not make anyone eligible. The decision of the MedCrave Editorial Board is the final.

Note*l: Grant should be applied before or at the time of submission of manuscripts.

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The MedCrave Open Access Journals wishes to offer scholarships for competent students. The scholarship has been designed to provide financial assistance to students who are need of it. These scholarships can be used by the student for presenting their research ideas on the International Conferences organized by MedCrave. The students will also be given scholarships to publish their scientific content in the MedCrave Open Access Journals.

The instructions
  • The scholarships are granted to all students who are PhD scholars, graduates or post graduates.
  • An individual can apply for scholarship only once in one calendar year.
  • If the student wishes to publish his accepted scientific research content in the MedCrave open access journal, then he will be given the scholarship for only the same.
  • If the student wishes to present his research ideas at any MedCrave International Conference and has his abstract accepted, then he will be given scholarship for only the same.
  • The student will, however, need to pay the article fee or he has to be registered with MedCrave conferences to become eligible to obtain the scholarship.
  • An individual can either choose to apply for a waiver or a scholarship; if the student has applied for a waiver, then the application for the scholarship will be rejected.
  • If, however, the application for scholarship is rejected, the student can apply for a waiver.
  • If a student has a previous research published in the MedCrave open access journal, then he will be given more preference.
  • The scholarships are limited and the students are encouraged and reminded to apply at the earliest possible.

The application for the scholarship must contain a cover letter with details about him. The cover letter should also include the signature of the Head of Department or the Dean of his College or Institution. Also, the student must produce a recommendation letter from any staff of the faculty that guarantees the worthiness of the student.

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Waivers on Publication Fee

It is the desire of MedCrave that all competent and good quality science articles must be given a chance to get published in the MedCrave Open Access Journals. To accomplish this, MedCrave has announced to offer Waivers to truly competent Authors. These Waivers will be used to help the Author get away with his expenses of the content Publishing fee.

If the Author is has the capacity to bring in excelling contents, but is not able to afford to pay the article Publishing fee, MedCrave offers the Author a chance to get Waivers on his Publication fees. The Waivers offered are very customized and different; their amount also depends on the specific requirements and the features of each case. If the case requires, the Waiver offered will completely pay the Publication fees. In most cases, a partial waiver on the Publication fee is offered.

The instructions
  • All Authors and the writers who are financially unstable and can't afford to pay the article publishing fees are welcomed.
  • The Authors from the Third world countries are preferred.
  • To qualify, any single manuscript of the Author must be previously accepted by the MedCrave Open Access Journal for Publication.
  • If the Author has published any previous scientific work in the MedCrave Open Access Journal, he will be given a priority too.
  • If an Author has been granted scholarship and has been granted the same, whatever the purpose may be, the Author is not eligible to apply for the Waiver in the same calendar year.
  • If the Author has applied for a scholarship previously and was rejected or not granted, then he may apply for a Waiver.
  • The application for the Waiver should be submitted before paying for the article publishing fee. If an Author pays the fee and then applies for a Waiver, it will be considered void. The money will not be refunded in any way.

The decision for the Waiver taken by the MedCrave Financial Aid Committee is final. There will be no further explanations or requests entertained.

Waivers on Conferences

At MedCrave we believe that knowledge can be enriched by sharing your ideas and education with others. Hence, MedCrave Group provides waivers on the conference fees on the conferences which are organized by MedCrave or are supported by MedCrave. The waivers offered by can be partial or total depending on the case and the members need to fulfill the eligibility criteria in order to be considered for waivers on the conferences.

If the members have the capability to be positive and knowledgeable in their thoughts and actions and are unable to pay for the conference fees, they will be provided with an opportunity to attend the conference organized or supported by MedCrave.

The Instructions
  • All members who are financially unstable are welcome to submit an online form for the remittance of conference fee.
  • A special preference will be given to members/Authors from the third world or financially unstable countries.
  • In order to be eligible for the Conference waivers, the Author should either have published at least one journal or manuscript with MedCrave and that should have been accepted by the Editorial Board.
  • If the Author has previously applied for a scholarship or grant and has been declined, he/she can apply for waivers to attend conferences. However, if the Authors/members have been granted scholarships, then they are not eligible for waivers on conference.
  • Waivers will be available only after filling up the online form which will be available from the website of MedCrave. The application will be reviewed by MedCrave and the authors will be sent a confirmation e-mail if they are deemed eligible for waiver on conferences.
  • The waiver needs to be availed before registering for the conference and if availed after the registration, it will not be entertained, or refunded.

The decision for the Waiver taken by the MedCrave Committee is final. There will be no further explanations or requests entertained.

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